I'm Guy! I like to draw funny animals!
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*(F.A.Q. = Frequently Asked Questions. T.O.S. = Terms of Service)

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About Guy

Call me Guy!
I'm 25 , and use they/them pronouns
I'm lgbt and disabled, and some of my work reflects this!
Here's some fun facts about me:

  • I study marine biology, speculative science, and mythology!

  • I collect pokemon cards, gems, and retro toys/games

  • I love blue razzberry candy and sweets!

Here's my sona, Guy! CLick for more info:

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: My art is NEVER to be used as an NFT. If it is ever used/bought/sold as one, YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. THAT is not me, nor will it ever be allowed to be used as one. NEVER.Question: Can I use your art?
Answer: That depends.
If you commission me, you can use my art if you follow my Terms of Service!
Never use art of my ocs or professional works unless Explicit Permission is given to you.
Question: Can I repost your art?
Answer: No, unless I give you permission. If you commission me and you want to post it With Credit to a site I'm not on, Please ASK!
Question: Can you lower your commission prices? (or any variation of this)
Answer: No, sorry. (Please don't ask people this)
Question: Do you allow NSFW interaction with your work?
Answer: 18+ accounts can follow me, but I do NOT offer NSFW commissions, nor do I post NSFW. (I will block anyone interacting with me that makes me uncomfortable!)
Question: Can we Role Play?
Answer: Sorry, No.
Question: Can I draw you Fanart?
Answer: YES! I always love fanart! (Please keep it SFW!) Thank you!
Question: Are you a furry?
Answer: Yeah! I think anthro/cartoon animals are funny and fun to draw, so yes!
Question: [insert any invasive question about my personal life, including with regards to furry subcultures]?
Answer: Please keep in mind that I won't discuss personal stuff with people I don't know well!
Question: [insert question about sex / sex-related stuff]?
Answer: I don't discuss my sexuality, especially with people I don't know well. Please don't ask this.

Feel free to DM me on twitter @KidGuygeous if you have any quesitons or concerns. (Just be polite please!)


I offer a variety of commission options, which for now I have divided into three secitons; the two most popular types -- charms and animated icons-- and everything else! Please check my Terms of Service for use if you're wondering what my art may be used for.


Current Price: 70 USD
Current Status: Open
Digital fullbody image, transparent background on square 1000px canvas, custom pose per character to fit the space!

GIF Icons

Current Price: 70 USD
Current Status: Open
Digital square gif images (3 frames min) on square 1000px canvas. Custom pride flag, solid color, or simple gradient background.


Current Price: Discuss
Current Status: Requests OK
By request, we can work out a pricepoint for anything! From refsheets to prop spreads to full illustrations, I can do it all! Feel free to message me on my social media to discuss!


Charms!.....................................................................70 USD

Charms* are Digital Fullbody Images with a Transparent Background on a Square Canvas of a Character of your Choosing:Ocs, Fan OCs, Commcercial Characters, Anthro, Feral, Human, Mecha, Props/Outfits, and Artistic Nudity are all Acceptable. (NO nsfw or fetish work, sorry). Please also note Terms of Service for use and rights.Pricing: 70 USD (if you want me to redo an old charm, only 30 USD!)**Examples Below (images belong to respective commissioners. Not for free use)

Examples of Anthro Characters

Examples of Quad/Feral Characters

Examples of Monster/Creature/Unusual Characters

Examples of Characters with Props/Outfits/Extra

Examples of Human/Humanoid Characters

Examples of Mecha/Robotic Characters

*(These used to be called Mini Charms, but I realized that name undercut the amount of work it takes me on these, so they are now just called Charms!)

**IF YOU HAVE AN OLDER CHARM you want redone (of the same design/character) I do them for just 30 USD!
Examples of Charm revitalization :

Animated Icons!................................................................70 USD

Animated Icons are Digital Headshot Images with a Simple background of choice (being either a pride flag or simple color or gradient) on a Square Canvas of a Character of your Choosing:Ocs, Fan OCs, Commcercial Characters, Anthro, Feral, Human, Mecha, Props/Outfits, and Artistic Nudity are all Acceptable. (NO nsfw or fetish work, sorry). Please also note Terms of Service for use and rights.Pricing: 65 USDExamples Below (images belong to respective commissioners. Not for free use)

Terms of Service

Please take time to read this, Thank you.
If you have questions or concerns (such as not knowing if I'm willing to draw something), please ask!

General Terms:

  • Commissioning me means you agree to these terms (even if you fail to read them). These terms are subject to change.

  • I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any commission at any time. (Refunds will be provided as necessary).

  • You must be 18 or older to commission me (this protects me from potential scams)

  • My work is generally finished within a week, but may take up to a month to complete. Progress can be requested through contacting me wherever you commissioned me.

  • If your commission has a deadline, you must inform me before I start (during initial communication process).

  • MY art may NOT nor NEVER be minted as/sold/used as an NFT in ANY WAY


  • I take payment through Paypal in USD

  • Payment must be provided in full upfront before I start (unless otherwise stated on specific commission)

  • Client is expected to pay within 24 hours of commission/cost agreement


  • I can give a full refund if I have not yet started. If I am more than 50% finished with the commission (about where I'm working on lineart), I will only refund half of the payment.

  • If for whatever reason I must cancel the commission, I will refund in full no matter where I am in the process of completion.

Usage + Permissions:

  • MY art may NOT nor NEVER be minted as/sold/used as an NFT in ANY WAY

  • You may upload your commission of my work on any site you'd like, as long as it's credited to me!

  • NEVER claim my work as your own or another person's.

  • I have the right to use commissioned work where I choose for purposes of my portfolio / examples.

  • DO NOT make merchandise with my work for profit!

  • YOU MAY make merchandise of my work for Personal use only! (such as stickers for yourself or gifts for friends). Credit is still expected to be given to me.


  • Furry / anthropomorphic bipedal animal characters

  • Quad / feral / "natural-looking" animal characters

  • Human and Humanoid characters

  • Mech Robotic designs (I may charge extra for complexity)

  • Characters with other design elements (such as supernatural, plants, or extra limbs)

  • Commercial characters (depending on whom)

  • Clothes, armor, etc.

  • All genders and body-types (unless it is fetish-affiliated in a derogatory way)

  • Artistic Nudity

  • Minor gore / violence (like bruises, nose-bleeds, etc) is okay.


  • Hateful symbols, costumes, words, etc.,

  • Cultural Appropriative depictions

  • Explicit / Sexual nudity

  • Suggestive / NSFW

  • SFW kink/fetish art

  • Anything Underage

  • Hard Drug use (ask if you're not sure)

  • Excessive gore / violence

Last Updated: 2/11/2020

Commission Queue(s)

I keep track of my queued commissions and update them through various Google Docs.
Here's a masterlist of links in order to easily check in on progress!

Previous / Completed Queues will be placed here:


Yapok 🐟 they/them

About Guy

Guy is a Yapok (water opossum), and they love to swim and explore. They love to socialize, have fun, and make friends, treat themself and friends to luxuries, They draw every day and love to do so. They fidget and stim a lot, especially by chewing on things (they try to have gum, candy, and toys on them at all times). Guy loves to learn new things, resulting in their obscure abilities and known facts.

Fun Facts

  • Smells like seasalt, chlorine, blue razzberry, and theme park water rides (bromine)!

  • Drinks blue sports drinks (huge hydration enthusiast)

  • Loves collecting things and organizing them

OTHER COMMISSIONS....................................DM to discuss

Contact on Social Media Sites to discuss.

Other Commission Types are fine to ask about, and I can apporve larger projects as I'm available. Other projects include Refsheets, Prop Designs, and Fullbody Illustrations.Pricing trends upwards of 100 USD. Be Prepared for this when requesting a Quote.Examples: